77% of Volvos sold in California were plug-in Hybrids or EVs

77 percent of Volvos sold in California were plug-in Hybrids or EVs

On Thursday, during a press release centered on their May 2022 North American sales, the car manufacturing brand Volvo stated that 77% of all the Volvos that were sold in California last month were plug-in hybrids or Electric vehicles.
This figure shows an increase of about 6% when compared to that of the previous month. This also goes to show the growing demand for plug-in cars in the state of California.

Looking at it from a larger angle, plug-in hybrids and Electronic vehicles made up about 35.7% of the 9,372 vehicles that were sold by Volvo in the United States for the month of May.

This shows a really noticeable improvement from what was obtainable as at last year. As at May 2021, Volvo had attained a goal that they had set which is to have plug-in hybrids go from around 5% which was what it stood at as at the previous year, to make up over 20% of their total sales in the U.S.

The automaker still has more in stock for customers as it is upgrading its plug-in hybrids to come with a bigger battery and more electric miles.

This bodes well for the XC60 Recharge, and according to Volvo, the S60 Recharge sedan and V60 Polestar Engineered wagon should achieve 41 miles of electric range.

To ensure that the message is not lost on their customers, the car manufacturer has begun masking exhaust tips.

Volvo equally has some all-electric models in its U.S. lineup. They include the C40 Recharge as well as the XC40 Recharge. Also an electric version of the XC90 SUV is in the works.

It looks like the electric XC90 will be the first production Volvo EV to use a dedicated platform.

Although the C40 Recharge and the XC40 Recharge use the CMA platform that internal-combustion models make use of, the XC90 EV is expected to ride a platform different from the other models of the SUV.

This looks like one of the first models that will usher in Volvo to an all-electric lineup come the year 2030.