How to Clean Rust Off Brake Calipers

If you removed the piston from a brake caliper and found rust on the inside, how would you clean the rust?

Clean Rust from Brake Calipers

Clean Rust Off Brake Calipers – There are different parts that make up your brake system and one of them is the brake caliper. The brake caliper is a very important part of the brake system as it houses the brake pads. So you see that it is crucial in the slowing down of your car when you step on the brake pedals.

It therefore goes without saying that for your brake system to function properly, the brake calipers has to be in very good condition.

However, a fact that you have to be aware of is that overtime the surface of the brake calipers can get rusty. The reasons for this vary and include road salt, winter and even debris.

As the rust keeps forming the brake calipers will keep reducing in effectiveness and as we have already pointed out, this is very dangerous for you and the people you carry in your vehicle. You have to clean off the rust from the brake calipers to avoid dire consequences.

This is where we come in as we have put together a guide that you can follow so as to be able to properly clear this rust from the brake calipers. As you read through it, you will find that it is not complicated and that you can easily follow the steps.

Methods of Cleaning Rust Off Brake Calipers

Cleaning brake caliper with water-based sandpaper

One of the ways that you can go about cleaning your brake caliper is by using water-based sandpaper. Choose one that has a grit size of between 800 and 1,000 grit as that will give you a better result.

You have to first apply a coat of lubricant or brake cleaner before going in with the sandpaper. Scrub in a circular motion till you have gotten the whole surface and achieved desired result.

Cleaning with rust remover fluid

Another very easy way of cleaning your brake calipers is by using a rust remover fluid. This one is easy because you do not have to exert much energy. For this method, all that you have to do is to leave the brake caliper in the fluid, allow for some time to pass and then proceed to clean the surface with a cloth and alcohol.

To know how long you should leave the brake caliper in the fluid for, you have to follow the directions of the particular product you are using.

Getting rid of rust with a shot blasting machine or sandblasting cabinet

Another method you can employ is using a sandblasting cabinet or a shot blasting machine. We have to point it out here that this is not a very popular method and you have to be really knowledgeable about the process.

Using a shot blasting machine involves blowing different small materials towards the surface that needs the cleaning in this case the brake calipers, so as to get rid of dirt or any unwanted layer such as rust.

A sandblasting cabinet employs a similar process to that of a shot blasting machine, but it is smaller and will do a better job of cleaning the brake caliper. Bear in mind that the steel of the brake caliper should be taken into consideration.

As such, the propelled materials should not be harder than steel. It is advised that you go for materials such as steel beads or glass beads.

Removing rust with compact rotary tool

You can also use a compact rotary tool to clean your brake calipers. It should be one with a brass brush head or even if it is made of another metal it has to be one that is not as hard as steel. This method is really fast and effective.

Also, your brake caliper is protected and won’t be scratched because brass is of a softer material. Nevertheless, you have to be careful with the brushing so as not to overdo it.

Painting the Calipers

After you have successfully gotten rid of the rust, it is recommended that you take steps towards preventing it from reoccurring. This should come as a very welcome idea so that you don’t always find yourself removing and cleaning rust from the brake calipers.

One way to go about it is to apply paint on them. This will help to prevent rust and corrosion from happening. There is no law that states you must make use of a particular color. You can make use of any color that suits your fancy. However, a lot of persons go with neon shades of green or solid black coats of paint.


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