Honda Turn Signal Is Not Working The Way It Should

Honda Turn Signal Not Working Well

Honda Turn Signal Not Working Well – There are some Honda cars for example the Pilot SUV and first-generation Ridgeline pickup truck that may develop some issues with their turn signal.

If this issue occurs and the left turn signal is pressed, it doesn’t come on and the amber bulbs won’t even blink.

If you have taken a look at the fuses and the signal bulbs and everything appears to be normal, you can get really agitated because then you are wondering just what the issue is.

The good news is that there is a way to handle the situation. If after you have checked the fuses and the signal bulbs and everything seems normal then the best cause of action will be to change the turn signal relay.

Identifying faulty Honda turn signal

There are several ways through which your attention can be drawn to the fact that you have a faulty turn signal.

They include; having no sound when the blinker is on or the turn signal sound being too weak, left turn signal working well while the right does not work and vice versa, the turn arrow not showing on the dashboard or rapids flashing, buzzing noises, or if the turn signal simply doesn’t work.

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, just know that your turn signal is faulty and you should change it.

How to Replace Turn Signal Relay

The turn signal relay is usually located under the dashboard of the driver side. Also, the turn signal relay might use part numbers such as RY-731 Accord, Acura MDX and Ridgeline / Pilot. For the Honda Odyssey, its turn signal relay might have part number RY717.

When you take away the faulty turn signal relay, be sure to take a look at the part number before you get a new one.

Do not think that changing the relay is difficult. It is actually quite easy and will only take you roughly 15 minutes to replace.

Also bear it in mind that the tool you will need to achieve this is long nose pliers.

Steps to Changing The Relay

  • The first thing that you have to do is to press the parking brake as this will provide you with more room to get to the fuse panel.
  • Go under the dashboard on the driver’s side and find the turn signal relay. When you have located the relay, go on and pull it out using the long nose pliers.
  • After this, push the new turn signal relay into the right position and make sure that the speaker is facing the proper side.

Another name for the turn signal relay is the flasher relay and it is actually the same for a lot of models. For instance, the flasher relay from a 2006 Honda Ridgeline will be compatible with that of a 2008 Acura MDX.

However, it is necessary that you check the part number of the new relay to ensure that it matches with the old one.

So you see that just as we pointed out earlier, it is not difficult to replace the turn signal relay and you can be done with this task in about 15 minutes. In fact, you can do this without any tool, but it is still not a bad idea to replace the relay using a long nose plier.

Also once you notice that your turn signal is not working meanwhile your fuse and signal bulbs are okay, there is no need to be frustrated as you will now know that the issue is a faulty turn signal relay.

Just go on and change the relay following the steps that we have explained and it will be fine.


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