Nissan Introduces Three Frontiers at 2022 Chicago Auto Show

Nissan Introduces Three Frontiers at 2022 Chicago Auto Show

Nissan has introduced three frontiers for 2022 and they are really wonderful. The design for the frontiers was made by Nissan Design America and you can check it out at the Chicago Auto Show.

Out of the three frontiers, two are giving off amazing retro vibes. You also will not be wrong if you refer to the other one as an overlander that is very equal to the task. In this article we are going to be taking a look at the three frontier designs by Nissan.


Project Adventure

Unlike the others already discussed, the Nissan Frontier Project Adventure is a very capable overlander inspired by the Pro-4X. Giving it a huge boost is a Calmini 5-inch suspension lift as well as 34-inch mud terrain tires.

Nissan Frontiers Project Adventure

Other amazing off-road upgrades that it boasts of are a huge LED light bar, a custom carbon fiber snorkel as well as dealer accessory rock rails.

When it comes to the camping aspect, you will observe that the bed is fitted with a rack system as well as a dealer accessory Kicker Bluetooth audio system.

There is also a roof basket and roof-top tent. You will also not miss the vinyl wrap showcasing an atlas of the United States.

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Project 72X Frontier

The first one that we will be discussing is the Frontier Project 72X. Inspiration for this was drawn from the Frontier S 4×4 trim, and it should remind you of the Datsun 720 compact pickup.

Nissan Project 72X Frontier

The retro lifting is majorly achieved using gray paint and the custom vinyl graphics. Let us also not forget the white-painted steel wheels.

The white-painted steel wheels are actually Frontier spare tire wheels. The distinguishing factor here is that there is a coat of white paint and it is covered in Pro-4X-spec tires.

More so, there is a dealer accessory sport bar, as well as an aftermarket 2.5-inch lift. This comes with an adjustable front upper control arms from Calmini.

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Project Hardbody

The next one that we are going to discuss is the Nissan Frontier Project Hardbody. This is drawn from the ’80s and ’90s Hardbody pickup. It began as a mid-level SV 4×4 and boasts of more modification and custom parts.

Nissan Frontier Project Hardbody

Still present however are some extant Nissan Frontier bits examples of which are the fender flares and skid plate which are from the Pro-4X.

Other dealer accessories include the sport bar, rock rails as well as the hood sticker.

A favourite of most persons with regards to the custom parts are the special machined Hardbody-style alloy wheels, which also come with 33-inch tires.

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The entire ensemble rests on a 3-inch Calmini lift which comes with adjustable front control arms. Also present is a bed-mounted spare tire as well as LED off-road lights. We will not forget to mention some retro graphics that are found on the sides as well as on the tailgate.


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