ProCharger Vs Supercharger – Know Your Best Option

Either of a ProCharger or Supercharger will still get you more horsepower, but they both achieve this result through different methods.

ProCharger vs Supercharger

ProCharger Vs Supercharger – Many people have come to love fast cars and even run some modifications on their cars so as to achieve more speed. There are a number of reasons why someone would want their car to have more power, it could be because the car is to be used for racing or simply for the thrill of it. One way to get your car to have more power is to use either a ProCharger or a Supercharger.

These customization to increase speed amplify the quantity of air that gets into the car engine making it to burn fuel faster. This in turn gives the car more power. Whether you opt for a ProCharger or a Supercharger you will still get more horsepower, but they both achieve this result through different methods and that is what we will be discussing in this article.

We will also look at the Pros and Cons of each of them so that you will be able to make an informed choice.


A proCharger is quite small, lightweight, has to be built into the engine and you don’t have to make adjustments or tweaking to accommodate it.

How a ProCharger works is that it takes in air through a spinning impeller, the air moves clockwise thus creating a really strong centrifugal force. The air does not get into the engine just like that rather it is compressed to high pressure before it is moved into the car engine by a steady force from the ProCharger while avoiding turbo lag.

ProChargers do not go beyond the allowed force limit. They also emit a noise when they kick in. You should however note that superchargers are more affordable than prochargers.

Advantages of ProCharger

a. They are not heavy and can be easily incorporated into the car engine.

b. They deliver reliable increase in power at a steady pace.

Disadvantages of ProCharger

a. You can hear a loud noise when it is in use.



The supercharger will rotate with your engine pushing in more air. The rate of power generated is determined by the size of the pulley. A small pulley will give you more power as it spins faster. Superchargers will give quick access to the generated energy.

More so, using superchargers may lead to poor fuel economy since the engine powers the process.

Like we already pointed out, superchargers are generally more affordable than prochargers. There are different types available each with its own Pros and Cons which you will have to put this into perspective before going for one. Superchargers are compatible with just about any car but you may need to make some adjustments to your hood for it to be properly housed.


Types of Superchargers

Roots Supercharger

The Roots supercharger is more powerful and preferred by many. It is fixed in the intake manifold and it might stick out through your hood after being put in place. It functions by pushing air through mesh lobes thus building up pressure. The car engine is then propelled with short blasts of air.

Twin-Screw Supercharger

One pros of a Twin-screw supercharger is that it is not as big as a Roots supercharger. However, it can be so loud that you might have to get a noise suppression device. It operates using two rotating, screw like parts to suck in more air which it holds until enough pressure is built up.

3. Centrifugal Supercharger

A centrifugal supercharger is a type of supercharger that employs centrifugal force to push more oxygen into the engine. The boost in the airflow that gets into the engine will enable the engine to have an increased level of combustion and by so doing have an improved power output.

The centrifugal supercharger has an impeller that spins at high speed to suck in air into a volute. This air is pushed through a diffuser which converts it to high pressure and is then pushed into the engine. The high pressure air being sent into the engine will allow the engine to burn more fuel and provide more power.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Supercharger

Advantages of supercharger

a. Step on the gas and you will get more power.

Disadvantages of supercharger

a. You may need to make some modifications to your car in order to install it.

b. Air is forced into the engine in short bursts.


ProCharger versus Supercharger

As we have already explained, both the ProCharger and Supercharger have the same duty which is to boost your car’s horsepower. This is done through increasing the quantity of compressed air that gets to the engine resulting in faster fuel combustion. The difference between the two is the method employed.


Whether you go for a Procharger or a Supercharger you will get more power. But there are some things that you should put into consideration before selecting, one of which is the sensitivity of your gas pedal to the power generated.

With Superchargers, as you step on your gas pedal you will get more power whether at low engine RPM or high engine RPM. With Superchargers you will get really fast pedal-to-power reaction. If what you require is low-speed performance, for instance off-roading or driving about town then you should go for a supercharger.

Prochargers on the other hand will give you a smooth and steady climb. A high-end Procharger will be best if you wish to run at high RPMs.

Bear in mind that this can increase engine stress and as such you should take your car maintenance very seriously. It is also important that you change your engine oil regularly so that you can get the most out of whichever charger you opted for.

How much does it cost?

While the idea of having a fast car is quite enticing, remember that it doesn’t come cheap. You can get a supercharger for about $2700.

Also bear in mind that while centrifugal Superchargers consume more gasoline centrifugal Prochargers do not use up as much. So if the rate of gasoline consumption is a concern for you, you should go for centrifugal Procharger .

You should take your time to evaluate the two before making a choice so that the charger you eventually go for be the one better suited for your needs. You also must not rush into getting a high quality, all-encompassing system if a basic supercharger can give you just what you require.

The amount of power you are looking to get out of your car will also help you make a choice.

Proper and regular car maintenance will help keep your car and its engine components in good shape. In the long run, this saves you from spending so much money on repairs that could have been avoided.