Auto Insurance in Spring, TX : Comprehensive Guide

Auto Insurance in Spring

Auto Insurance in Spring, Texas – As a driver, having auto insurance is important no matter where you are, Texas included. If you are in Spring, Texas and you want to know all you can about the auto insurance requirements then you are on the right page.

One fact that you should be aware of is that in Texas you need minimum insurance coverage before you can be permitted to legally drive. This is also the requirement in most states.

Auto Insurance in Spring, Texas

The State requirements are as follows:

  • Per accident for property damage the requirement is $25,000
  • Per person for bodily injury the cost is $30,000
  • Per accident for bodily injury the amount is $60,000

Auto Insurance : Spring Rates vs. State and National Averages

To get full coverage insurance in Spring, car owners will have to pay about $1953. This amount is about 10% more than what is required for the national full-coverage insurance. The $1953 is also about 5% higher than the state full-coverage average.

Spring Auto Insurance Costs by Insurer

If you want to go for your auto insurance in Spring, there are a lot of insurance companies that you can select from. Since that is the case, you can take your time and choose one with rates that you are very comfortable with.

Examples of these companies include; GEICO, State Farm, USAA, MetLife, Nationwide, amongst others.

  • USAA: $459
  • State Farm: $527
  • Nationwide: $926
  • GEICO: $940
  • Allstate: $1395
  • MetLife: $1831

Spring Auto Insurance Premiums by Driver Age

The premium you will be charged for your car insurance are dependent on different factors one of which is age. Different ages attract different premium rates with the highest being that of teenagers.

Teenagers are typically beginners and their lack of driving experience as well as their style of driving most of the time, makes the probability for accidents to be on the high side.

So you shouldn’t be surprised to see that the rate for teenagers can be as much as five times higher than persons between the ages of 50 and 59.

For instance, while a 16 years old will attract a rate of about $7284, a 60 years old will be charged about $1563.

Spring Car Insurance Premiums by Gender and Marital Status

Apart from age, other factors that can be considered for deciding your premium include gender and marital status. However, this does not hold as much sway as age would in the matter.

Married drivers pay about $160 less each year than what single people are charged. Male drivers are also charged less than female drivers although the disparity is not that much as it is just about $50 each year.

Average Spring Insurance Rates After Violation or Accident

Moneygeek has it that out of various factors, the one that holds the most sway when it comes to determining your auto rates is your driving record.

The amount of speeding tickets, accidents, DUIs, etc. on your driving record can result in you being categorized as a higher-risk driver, thereby attracting higher rates. Accidents and DUIs can cause your rate to be increased by up to 45%.

Although speeding tickets do not cause that much of a rise, a lot of it can result in similar high rates.

Spring Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Tier

A customer’s credit score can come to play when determining their insurance rates. This is permitted in Texas and insurers there are allowed to use this method. In this case, how low your premium will be is determined by how good your credit score is.

List of Insurance Companies in Spring

We already pointed out the fact that there are different insurance companies in Spring that you can select from. It is left for you to decide the one that is best suited to you and that you are most comfortable with.

We will take a look at some of them to help you in your decision making.

There is Nationwide and they have put in a lot of effort into making the claims process very easy through their “On Your Side” claims service. Their customer service is also commendable offering various digital resources as well as a strong network of agents.

According to, USAA is recognized as one of the cheapest insurance companies in the city. Their services are for active or retired military, their spouses, as well as their dependents.

Apart from being quite affordable, they also provide military members with cool offers an example of which is discounts for car storage on a military base.

We already discussed how having your driving record can affect your premium rate. Well for those who have accidents, speeding tickets and such on their record you should check out GEICO.

It is also recommended for drivers with low credit scores. More so, if you prefer to manage your policies, get quotes, as well as file claims online then you would love this insurer. has it that Allstate is yet another well-known choice in the area. If you are a driver who prefers face-to-face interaction with an agent, then you should really check out this company.

Although they are somewhat on the high side when compared to some of the other companies, they offer discounts to accommodate their customers.

Information on No-fault Insurance in Spring

Given the fact that Texas is an at-fault state the insurance company that gets to bear the cost of damages in the case of an accident, is that of the driver that is at fault. More so, drivers are permitted to sue for additional damages.

We hope that with all we have discussed regarding auto insurance in Spring, Texas, you are now aware of important details that you should take note of and that will help you choose the right policy. Remember to go with one that best suits your needs and requirements.


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